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Your teams deserve to spend time on task that passionate them.

TalentShake AI HR Helpline Agent

Human Resources


AI-powered HR Helpline Email Assistant designed to handle HR-related queries efficiently. Offers rapid implementation, dedicated and secure AI models, targeted escalation, and audit trails for enhanced HR support.

Rapid Implementation Secure and Private
VOC Classifier Agent

Customer Support / Marketing


Specializes in reading and classifying customer comments using the VOC standard. Operates at 25% of the cost, freeing human talent for strategic tasks.

Cost-Effective Accurate Efficient
Behavioural Coaching Quality Controller

Support Operations


Utilizes best practices and AI analytics to improve coaching quality control. Enables companies to perform 100% coaching quality checks.

Continuous Improvement Quality Control Coach
Call Triage Analyst

Support Operations


Listens to the first 7 minutes of phone calls to identify customer reasons for calling. Enables companies to pinpoint calls requiring further investigation.

Data Mine Accurate Insightful
Support Categorization Agent

Support Operations


Classifies support calls within 3 minutes. Reduces errors in issue categorization, aiding frictionless communication between support and engineering.

Quick Accurate Cost ROI
Engineering Issue Connector

Support Operations


Links engineering issues to tier 1 calls. Helps companies prioritize engineering time based on the volume and nature of related customer calls.

Insightful Priority-Driven New Data

Outsource Redundant Tasks to Our Specialized AI Agents

By taking over manual, repetitive tasks, our AI agents free up your expert human workforce to focus on upskilling and strategic initiatives that truly matter. This not only maximizes your operational efficiency but also empowers your team to drive innovation and growth.

The Problem

Why Human Talent is Overwhelmed

Human talent is stretched thin, balancing high-level strategy with mundane tasks. This imbalance drives staff turnover and stifles growth, wasting both time and financial resources.

Features and Benefits

Why TalentShake is the Future of Work

Cost-Effective: Save thousands annually

Time-Efficient: Reallocate human talent to upskilling and strategic tasks

Quality: Consistent and reliable outcome

The Solution

Meet Your New AI Augmented Workforce

Outsource specific, redundant tasks to AI agents at a fraction of the cost, freeing your human talent for strategic initiatives.

Customer Support

HR (Coming Soon)

Sales (Coming Soon)

Our Team

We are committed to liberating your workforce, enabling them to concentrate on skill enhancement and strategic tasks that leverage their specialized expertise.

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At TalentShake, we believe that the future of work starts today. By adopting simple AI agents now, your business has the opportunity to learn and grow alongside them. These AI agents are designed to shift roles, not replace them, allowing your team to focus on strategic tasks that require human expertise. With TalentShake, you're not just adopting technology; you're investing in a scalable, future-proof solution that delivers measurable performance improvements.

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